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2023 Annual Summary

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Oh my god, I actually wrote an article (which is this one) this year! Looks like I'll have to work harder next year!

Open Source#

GitHub Green Wall

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I was also slacking off on open source projects this year, except for January when I was working on Campfire, so it looks like I was quite diligent.

Interesting project pie - Campfire#

Campfire was actually inspired by the Night Radio we used to do with friends on Tencent Meeting. It's like sharing a screen to play songs, and everyone can request songs, chat, and do homework. But now Tencent Meeting has a time limit for more than two people, and you need to buy extra time. So we wanted to create a cleaner, pre-requestable, real radio. We thought it would be in line with the atmosphere of sitting around a campfire, listening to music and chatting, so we called it "Campfire".

So I started working on it with my familiar tech stack Next.js + Prisma, and in the end, I made something. This semi-finished product is barely usable, but the tricky problem is that there is no good music API. Allowing users to upload music would be too expensive, and there may also be copyright issues, so we decided to give up.

A gallery! Since I didn't want to register for another Pixelfed, I tried using the Mastodon API to retrieve tweets with the #photography tag that have images, and display the images on the page like an album. Each image can be clicked to view a larger version, and I used Vaul for the drawer, which is really elegant. Click here to take a look.

Here's a screenshot:

Screenshot of the Gallery


Expanded focal length!#

This summer, I used an EF to EF-M adapter to connect a 75-300mm telephoto lens, so now I can take pictures of the moon!

300mm Moon Shot

How many photos did I take?#

I took about 385 GB of photos with my camera, a total of 8366 photos/videos. This is the first time I've taken up so much space in a year, probably because I switched from JPEG to RAW, which increased the size of each image several times, and then I couldn't bear to delete them (partly out of laziness).

Gaming - Genshin Impact#

I started playing Genshin Impact at the beginning of the year and chose the European server to bypass the anti-addiction system. I didn't think much about it at the time, but later I realized that none of my friends were on the same server. So, if you happen to be playing Genshin Impact on the European server and see this, feel free to add me as a friend! My UID: 756236451.

FFF - Foresight / Future / Flags#

  • Print out the photos and hang them on the wall.
  • Go on a trip!

Although this article is displayed as being published on December 26, 2023, it was actually the date it started being edited. It was actually published in June 2024, so it can no longer be considered an annual summary. I originally wanted to preview the top 10 photos of 2023 in this article, but now I've removed it, so I guess I'll have to wait until next year. This article is probably the most procrastinated one. It's so watered down, so watered down, quickly scroll away and read something else.

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